Trailhead Satisfaction Study in Wilderness Waterway, Journal of Leisure Research, Retrieved from /evr/study30II. AbstractThis is a brief overview of the research study and identified need. It should include the purpose and a little about the methodology (population, sample, data analysis).

Since you do not collect any data, you will not have any results and would not address results in your abstract. IntroductionIdentify the specific research problem.

Review research objectives and state a null hypothesis. The hypothesis must be written in the null (no difference) format. Please bold the hypothesis so I can identify it.

Briefly discuss methodology and how objectives will be achieved Sample Research Proposal - This sample study may not be used for any assignment! The Model Study reference MUST have a working link so the Model Study Journal of Leisure Research, Retrieved from http://www.nps.gov/evr/study30..

Literature Review A minimum of five articles is required and this section is usually two to three pages in length. The literature review is a critical evaluation of existing research that relates to your research topic.

It is NOT merely a summary of these articles and manuscripts. A good literature review should summarize and evaluate relevant research. It will also identify relationships between different work and your topic.

It should NOT only provide a description of the article or manuscript.

It will discuss different aspects of the research, including methodology, and describe how it relates to other current research Improving lives through research in recreation and leisure. The degree culminates in the completion of a doctoral thesis, which is expected to make an original .

A minimum of FIVE references are required in the Literature Review. The Model Study must be dated from 2013 to the present. The other four references can be published in any year. Literature SourcesmagazinesCollege/University theses and dissertationsThe literature review creates the context for your research by reviewing related work in your research area.

A good literature review should address the following questions 15 Aug 2009 - Socio-Psychological Perspectives of Outdoor Recreation NRPA & SPRE Leisure Research Symposium Social and environmental psychologists have been concerned with leisure and recreation phenomena in the .

The first steps: choosing a topic and a thesis supervisor | penn

Identify the category of research design used (ie. pre-experimental, quasi-experimental or true experimental). Identify if this is applied or basic research and why. A sample of your questionnaire (if one is available).

Describe the YOU MUST also include a citation (document or personal communication) for the population number A research topic can be very broad - you have not yet developed a specific research Look at journals like Leisure Sciences, Journal of Park and Recreation a formal thesis proposal (working in conjunction with their thesis supervisor)..

This is a projection, since once your data is collected it may change. Describe how data would be analyzed (describe the statistics used ie.